Lutein (pronounced loo-teen) is a naturally-occurring carotenoid and antioxidant found in nature. Numerous studies have found this antioxidant to be beneficial in eye health, helping to prevent and treat a variety of eye diseases such as macular degeneration. Lutein supports macular health by helping filter harmful blue light which helps keep the macula of the eye healthy. This carotenoid is most commonly found in plant sources kale, spinach, corn, broccoli, green peas and beans.

It’s origin comes from, the Marigold flowers (tagetes erecta L) and recommended dosages of at least 10mg per day.

The benefits of it’s antioxidant power, is that it protects cell damage from free radicals and supports cardiovascular health. It also aids in supporting eye health in age related macular degeneration and protects eye from sun damage.

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