In our best eye supplement we have added Astaxanthin for it’s add benefits. Of all the cartenoids our body concentrates zeaxanthin and lutein in the macula of the eye where the greatest amount of light impinges creating free radicals. It’s interesting our body concentrates Lutein and zeaxanthin where it is most needed to scavenge free radicals to prevent oxidative damage. We added Astaxanthin for it’s added powerful anti-oxidant properties .

Astaxanthin crosses the blood-eye barrier supporting vascular health within the eye protecting the eyes macular rods and cones. Reducing damage to the macula. Studies have shown with astaxanthin it reduced eye fatigue (because of it’s increased vascular support) in 46% of the people. Eye fatigue is a serious problem in todays occupations working in front of blue-light emitting computers for many hours a day.

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